A new group of volunteer coders and medical professionals, including Air Force software organization Kessel Run‘s Chief Data Officer Andrew Kemendo, and doctor and researcher Jorge A. Caballero, have created a new findcovidtesting.com website, which aims to provide up-to date location info for all testing sites in the U.S.

Please note that a resource like this are not meant to be official Corona Virus testing site directories for private individuals who are looking to show up at a test site, expecting to receive diagnostics. Health officials and experts are attempting to roll out testing as far and wide they’re able, but for the safety of front-line workers, and in order to allocate limited supply of testing materials as effectively as possible, you should always only consult with a medical professional via tele-health, or use one of the various official online screening tools in order to get a test. Just showing up somewhere won’t get you a test, and could put a lot of other people in danger.

Here is an embedded version of the FindCovidTesting.com for quick reference visit findcovidtesting.com for the full screen version.