Product of Intelligent disinfection tunnel introduction:
1.The intelligent disinfection tunnel can be used for face recognition, external personnel screening and file storage.
It can perform identity authentication and file storage in public areas , such as train stations,shopping malls,supermarket,bank, hotel etc. It can also carry out timing and record the temperature of staffs, and make alarm and intercept for outsiders.
2. The disfection tunnel can do thermal image temperature measurement and sound-light alarm
Adopts high-precision infrared spectrum sensor and calibrated by blackbody radiation source, it can measure body temperature without contact for a long distance, which can effectively avoid cross-infection .

When the body temperature is normal, the screen displays the temperature value, and when the body temperature is abnormal, the screen shows that the temperature is over the standard, the sound-light will make an alarm .
3.The disinfection tunnel can display intelligently
The body temperature monitor can be adjust as the temperature various of seasonal changes, that is to display the body temperature more accurately.
4.The disinfection tunnel can spray automatically disinfection for hand washing
Equipped with intelligent induction sprayer in the temperature measuring area,the it will do no contact induction 360 °spraying, safety and hygiene, which perform effectively sterilized.


Our disinfection tunnel atomization system use food-grade safe disinfectants that is not harmful to the human respiratory tract, such as:Compound Potassium  Peroxymonosulphate Powder ,formula 1: 200 dilution, which is the same disinfectant as the bleaching powder in the tap water we drink every day.It is a purely physical disinfectant. Therefore, we recommend using this type of disinfectant, and its cost is also very low.

Our Advantage of Disinfection Tunnel:

1.Large enough of the atomization amount, disinfection thoroughly, disinfection in all directions from top to bottom.

2.Atomized disinfection materials are safe, using Compound Potassium Peroxymonosulphate Powder, Formula 1: 200 dilution. Same material with Tap water disinfection. there is no much toxicity to the human body. This injury is almost negligible. Automatic proportioning.

3.Without plastic curtains, Enough atomization, it is completely non-contact, non-touch disinfection, safer and scientific

4.Disassembled Packing, small Packing size.  One HQ load 38 pcs, save sea cost

5.Disassemble packaging, quick disassembly and easy installation design, saving installation time and labor.

6.Lightweight, movable with pulleys, and a wide range of applications.

Thermal temperature measurement and disinfection tunnel is suitable for public places such as shopping malls, schools and factories. It can minimize personnel cross infection and reduce exposure and achieve efficient disinfection. 

Overall Dimension


Disinfectants Spraying Mode

Ultrasonic Atomization

Main Host Dimension


Control Mode

Auto-sensing.with 4 spraying devices

Noise Effect


Capacity of Disinfectant container




Disinfectant Type

Compound Potassium Peroxymonosulphate Powder disinfectant is recommend

System Materials

Premium Galvanized steel sheet with special plastic power sp

Type of Hand

Non-contact Auto-sensing Spray

Operating Temperature

0~40℃(It is not allowed to use this system under 0 ℃ due to the frozen of Ultrasonic Atomization Disinfectants

Temp.Measurement Accuracy


Length of Temp.

Measurement Channel


Time of Temp.Measuring


Resolution of Thermal

Imaging sensor


Display Size

8 inch LCD Touch Screen


Measurement Distance


Range of Temperature Preset


Net Weight


Gross Weight