Jade massage bed is also features the latest features of height setting technology. This high-tech hot massage bed has a super natural jade roller, the internal production of far infrared and additional carbon fiber heating panel for the spinal cord area to provide additional far infrared. Legs also have rollers. It can be used for SPA or home use. Built-in jade ball with a unique arrangement, along the vertebral flow, combing the spinal nerve, correction of the spine; and then use their own weight on the back of the human body important acupressure acupressure to maintain normal conduction of the nerve; especially the far infrared can be through the radiation and penetration of heat Pass to the deeper parts of the human body, so that deep temperature rise, promote blood circulation, improve the body immunity.

Product Name
HOLISTIC treatment massage bed
Control remote controller
Bed material PU leather case
Back interior 5 natural jade rollers on the back
carbon fiber heat

the whole bed body heated by carbon fiber Fabric

handhold projector 11 jade balls +5 jade balls
Leg department Leg tourmaline mat heating and leg carbon fiber heating plate
Running Track the straight Track
 Programs 12 programs
Temperature Temperature could be adjusted from 40-70degree


1. Advanced Master Thermal Massage Smart Spine Scanning and APMS (Advanced Projector Motion System)

2. 3D scanning function massage bed feel your spine length and curveyour spine, tailor-made for your massage.

3. intelligent control, the use of full-function remote control from nine massage mode to choose.

4. advanced massage plan, twelve massage procedures – automatic and three semi-automatic, more concentrated massage.

5.equip with timing belt

6. intelligent design, stunning appearance, pleasing quality, complete remote control, adjustable headrest – all in an intelligent, space-saving design.

7. 12 massage procedures for deep massage of the body.

8. CE approved